Victorian School Agreement 2017

iii) Experience can be supplemented by technical and/or tertiary qualifications. This will be particularly the case in highly specialized areas where a school intends to provide a high level of specialized support services. “Education Support Employee” refers to a staff member who provides assistance services at a Victorian government school and who is not a teacher 19.3 A teacher is entitled to reimbursement of appropriate travel and incidental expenses related to participating in a job interview at a public school that can reasonably be expected to be set up or employment without a salary increase (without allowances). The work is conducted under close management with established routines, methods and procedures, of which there is little room for variation. Tasks can include a large number of routine tasks. The range of tasks depends on the needs of the school and the ability to train staff in a wide range of functional areas. Problems can generally be resolved through well-documented procedures and instructions and well-established practices. If there is a problem, help is immediately available. Human resource management would extend to achieving the objectives set out in the Charter of Schools. The contribution to the evolution of these objectives would generally relate to operational issues, although as a staff practitioner, one might expect some contribution in the broader areas of human resource allocation (. B for example, staff structures, quality assurance, staff well-being and professional development).

Casual Relief Teachers The casual offloading teacher`s salary is directed towards Class 1 Division 5 of the Class Teacher Classification, with salary increases for teachers planned in the 2017 VGSA. The Department will review the current policy on casual attendance for teachers (and, if necessary, amend the corresponding departmental regulations) to address the date and duration of the lunch break, the planned duties of a casual teacher who has been working continuously for more than a week, career development, access to the staff assistance program, and the provision of appropriate equipment and resources for temporary teachers to perform their duties. Student Teacher Supervision Allowance The department acknowledges that there is a problem with the spill of the former Australian Higher Practice Practice Teaching Supervision Award 1990, as there is no industrial recipe. The ministry is committed to convening a tripartite discussion involving the Ministry, the Australian Education Union and the Victorian Deans of Education (or their representatives) to determine an acceptable teacher supervision system in Victorian government schools. Technical assistance will be at an advanced level compared to an ES 2.